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  • Kaolin: Kaolin is a mild, white, fluffy clay. It's good for light masks or scrubs and gives a silkiness and creaminess to soaps. It is good to use on dry or sensitive skin. It is used in facials, natural deodorants, and poultices.

  • Bentonite: Bentonite is highly absorbent and good for oily skin, though it's technically volcanic ash rather than clay. It gives a slippery silkiness which makes it a good additive in shaving soaps.

  • Rose clay: A general-purpose clay used mostly for its lovely rose color, it also adds silkiness, slip, and absorbency to soaps. This clay cleanses and detoxifies, exfoliates dead skin cells, treats acne and sun-damaged skin, and can increase blood circulation to the skin.

  • Rhassoul: This is a light brown clay that is used for its great ability to absorb oils and impurities from the skin and hair. It has a lovely brown speckled color and is lightly exfoliating. This clay has been found to improve clarity and elasticity of the skin. It is also good for an oily complexion.

  • French Green: This clay is one of the most absorbent cosmetic clays. With its negative charge and very fine texture, it acts as a magnet, drawing out the negatively charged toxins and poisons from the skin, washing away impurities and leaving your skin clear, smooth and hydrated. Green Clay is non-stripping and it is more absorbent than Kaolin Clay, a great choice for all skin types.



It’s quite common for people to avoid consuming salt. It can cause bloating and contribute to high blood pressure. But, for your skin, salt can do wonders. Whether you’re taking a dip in the ocean or using your own concoction at home, salt water soaps can be good for your skin!

Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are all skin-friendly minerals that can be found in sea salt. These minerals are great benefits of salt water soaps since they help combat acne-causing bacteria, skin infections, and speed up the healing process.

Those with oily skin can benefit from washing with a salt soap which can help control excess oil, which leads to clogged pores.

You can really benefit by using salt soaps in your skincare routine since magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mineral that alleviates itching and reduces moisture from bacteria and fungi that causes eczema.

Besides its “scrubby” element, sea salt acts as a great exfoliant that opens pores for a deeper clean, increase blood circulation, and allows your skin to better absorb moisturizers and other treatments. 

Salt water soaps can help attain softer skin  Another benefits of salt water for skin is that it aids in skin cell turnover, helping you achieve a softer skin texture.

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